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What is Sales Automation?

What is Sales Automation

Definition of Sales Automation

Sales Automation is a software application that streamlines and automates many common sales tasks, including e-mail reminders, inventory control, pricing, regular documentation, standard contracts, etc. This helps salespeople best spend their time on the phone with customers and prospects rather than on repetitive tasks and administrative work.

A sales automation software extracts data from various sources, performs data cleansing and then creates database of user accounts. A lot of functions happen automatically using this data. e-mail reminders, inventory control and work distribution, pricing etc.

Sales automation is the next step on from CRM . It’s a tried and tested method for making sure you’re aligned to plan. Automating tasks such as contact, lead and opportunity management; sales documentation, pricing, stock control and reporting can have a huge impact on your business’ bottom line.

Sales automation usually involves e-mail systems that can send out the reminders to follow up with a customer or prospect, and other programs that track calls, inventory and manage the flow of a sale. It is typically connected to CRM such as

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Sales automation is great for making a more efficient sales process. It eliminates a tremendous amount of wasted time by automating common and repetitive tasks, and adds an extra layer of control to the company’s cash flow.

Automating your sales process is an essential way of growing your business. Sales automation tools can offer effective sales workflows and save you time, leading to greater efficiency in your day to day processes.

It is the next logical step after CRM . It helps you to align all of your organization’s tactics and strategy. It involves automated task management, reporting, and documentation.

Automating sales tasks can be a great way to get closer to your sales targets. It means you’ll have more time to win new customers, and to do your job better.