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What is Sales Automation Software?

What is Sales Automation Software?

Sales automation software platforms streamline repetitive sales tasks that sales reps perform on a day in and day out basis. Sales automation software allows the sales rep to focus on building relationships, closing deals and creating revenue for the organization.

Sales automation software encompasses a broad range of functions that individual sales teams can supplement their existing strategies with to automate different aspects of the process.

Sales automation software is used by sales reps to carry out an entire sales process from working with CRM, lead capture, to sales and marketing automation, and right through to account management. Sales automation software enables the management of every sales process and the implementation of process improvements, at scale.

Sales automation can be personalized to each team member, with the chance to set unique rules and automation for every stage of the sales process including cold calling, warm prospecting, appointment setting, lead qualification, email outreach management and contact database.

In short, sales automation software is designed to provide a “lite” sales force automation (SFA) software solution, with the primary focus on automating prospecting and the initial stages of a pipeline, as well as basic activities such as account and opportunity management. Sales automation software aims to give all sales reps access to the same information and tools, regardless of whether they’re using one of tomorrow’s sophisticated SFA platforms or today’s many disparate agency-provided tools.

Sales automation software can help businesses: reduce lead generation costs by up to 50%, save time for sales reps and their managers, increase invoice accuracy, improve productivity and close more sales.