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What is CRM?

What is CRM

Definition of CRM

CRM is a business relationship management tool that enables you to manage all your company’s interactions with customers, from finding new ones to winning their business and providing ongoing support. It can help you improve profitability by increasing efficiency in your sales activities, improving the quality of customer contact and support, and increasing customer loyalty through regular contact and feedback.

There are many CRM programs available, and most companies use several. This chapter introduces the major features offered by these systems — from single-user packages to large enterprise solutions. You’ll find out what they do, how well they work, what they cost, and much more.

A CRM system is a core system that enables you to create, manage, and leverage relationships with your prospects and customers. When well implemented, a CRM solution provides a complete view of your customer base — including past, current, and potential customers — and the ability to effectively initiate communication (e.g., contact or sales), reach out to leads, create complex workflow flows or campaigns with simple clicks.

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CRM is a system designed to help businesses work with customers and potential customers in the most effective manner possible. This may be accomplished through sales automation, marketing automation, lead management or other channels. A CRM strategy provides an overall framework for how a company will engage prospects and clients across their lifecycle. Many CRM solutions are highly configurable, customizable software applications, built from integrated components which satisfy the specific needs of a large variety of business roles and industries.

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Every customer is unique, and so it’s important to tailor and personalize your offerings to fit their needs. CRM helps you do this by tracking everything that happens with regard to your customers — from what they buy, when they login online, and how they use the products or services you provide.

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