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Comfy CRM

Customer Relationship Management System

Comfy CRM software is a cloud customer relationship management that facilitates users to enter, view and evaluate their business’s relationships with customers and associates. It is fast and flexible web-based CRM system that will make analysis of customer’s behavior and actions easier and simpler. So you can improve your services or products to meet particular desires and demands. It is ultimate marketing automation software for gaming, entertainment, education, retail, banking, and manufacturing and tourism industries.

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Comfy CRM comes along in different versions with exclusive customization for each type:

  • CRM for Newsletter Publisher / CRM for Substack Writers
  • CRM for Soloprenuers, Builders, Creators
  • CRM for Small Businesses
  • CRM for Indiehackers
  • CRM for Startups
  • CRM for Shopify and WooCommerce shops
  • CRM for Youtubers
  • And more…

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    Comfy CRM is a customer relationship management & sales automation software for small and medium businesses that helps business owners convert more leads into clients. It’s ideal for founders who process a lot of leads but struggle to convert these leads into clients. Our team is highly focused on giving you the most modern working strategies in your sales workflows, and we’re making big differences in comparison with the latest customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamic, Freshsales, Copper, Nutshell, Zendesk Sell, and Insightly.

    Comfy CRM is a sales and client management system for people who sell products and services. It was created to help founders, B2B marketing professionals, sales teams and coaches get results.

    The right CRM for your business. Reduce time spent on sales, and focus on building relationships by using Comfy CRM. Keep your team in sync and track key milestones, from sending the first email to signing contracts. With a Sales Automation add-on, you can also set up automated emails campaigns as sales steps. All automations are fully transparent and visible in real-time to all users.

    The Comfy CRM provides a real-time collaboration platform to help your sales team get work done faster. It is the all-in-one solution for startups that need to grow their revenue fast without hiring extra sales and marketing staff.

    The Comfy CRM platform combines a suite of services and tools that gives you all the features you need to manage your sales pipeline, nurture, followup and convert prospects into customers. A simple platform into which you can clip all the different apps and automation solutions that are widely available on the market to allow you to take full advantage of the complete Salesforce toolset.

    Founders & Advisors: Comfy CRM is a sales booster software that works as a CRM software – only better. It focuses on 2 major categories of customers: Current Customers/Users + Future Customers/Leads. Salespeople will know where to perform outreach, all the information on prospects and leads will be at their fingertips, and sales workflow automation for each stage will help them close deals faster.

    Comfy CRM is a complete solution for small or medium-sized company, with Free and premium flexible subscription, billed both monthly and annually. It offers easy to use tools for creating a structured sales process, storing your customer data, managing leads and automating your communication with them. We recommend this as your first CRM system, which will enable you to create an automated workflow for lead generation and sales conversion.

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    It has robust and intuitive dashboard that makes integration with your business application into a smooth process and supports user to find more prospects and assess their projects, companies and people. Our CRM system provides several sales automation features e.g. Lead generation, Opportunities assessment, Accounts Management. Its smooth email integration and automatic email archiving feature links incoming email with corresponding records. Comfy CRM also has social web features e.g. Activity Stream and Follow Record.

    Niche/Industry Tailored CRM Software

    We’re building Comfy CRM which is a Personalized CRM software for every industry, with features useful to grow your sales in that niche/industry.
    We believe sales strategies and sales workflows/pipelines have slight differences in every market and that’s why we’re creating one CRM for each.
    Comfy CRM system focuses on these 5 features/concepts:
    1. Simple
    2. Hassle Free
    3. Uncomplicated
    4. Value features only included for each industry/niche
    5. Exclusively developed CRM software to fulfill each vertical/industry needs and problems
    We believe CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft, Zoho, … are overcrowded with dashboards & features, and users get confused because of that.
    So, our CRM software for “Real Estate” will be different from our CRM software for “B2B SaaS”.

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    What is CRM

    What is CRM?

    Definition of CRM CRM is a business relationship management tool that enables you to manage